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school sucks
posted Wednesday August 29, 2001 @ 23:06 by theferg

in one week friday the ferg will have to leave her beloved community and homeys to live in the boonies to attend another year of hellish studies...the only thing that keeps her going is the fact that it is her LAST YEAR of hellish studies in the boonies...well that and her once a month visits with big (sheesh, they feel like conjugal visits at a prison sometimes)

so with one week left the ferg is trying to enjoy herself as much as possible; maximizing time with big and her other homeys...just to let everyone know that from next thursday to mid friday the ferg will be out of commision computer wise...(gasp, it almost hurts)

another year of upheaval, another year of change, another year of demonic teachers - but as long as i can get a copy of snatch p.v. then i'll get thru ;)

ferg out

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