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posted Saturday September 8, 2001 @ 18:43 by nightwolf

wow. i havent posted on here in ages, like almost 2 months. hrm lets see whats new... my car didnt pass emission testing that i had to get before i could renew my plates, i got a conditional pass at least. so they're renewed for another year, at the small price of $75 for the new stickers, and like $350-400 for all the shit i had to fix on the car and tests, that still didnt help... school started last week, ugh... so tired out, some classes are gonna be a real pain in the ass, some are just totally boring, im gonna be sure to stock up on caffiene for those days. my @home service has been totally sucking ass, still is to date, they havent fixed whatever they've fucked up on, and wont give me a straight answer on anything... was nice to sleep in late today after a week of _too_ early mornings, gonna be out late tonight too i think, so sunday ill have to get back into the swing for monday again ugh. my summer wasnt too bad, wish i had made more money, but i will be soon. not too much else new, at least that i can remember off hand, chow.

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