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posted Friday September 21, 2001 @ 18:01 by theferg

the ferg has been threatened that if i don't post here wolfie will break my here i am...

back in ridgetown again...depressing enough, don't need rainy fuckin weather, never mind a global war to raise my spirits...

been a rough couple of weeks, with the exception of a few days of euphoric stimuli -otherwise known as a visit from Big for a smashbang weekend :)
stupid mouse is not rolling properly, need to junk this and get a new one but for the year, da funds are not comin in strong... ferg is gonna have to start pimpin her most prized possesions on ebay just to make the rent this year... :(

but she will fight back by being successful later on in life and spending big's money like theres no tomorrow to make up for it! lol(scott looks around nervously - oh god what have i gotten myself INTO!)

lexus is doing fine, hopefully i will have some more pics of her to post here...if anyone would like to see pics of my BEAUTIFUL girl lexy i'm sure derek has them on here somewhere...

well thats about all from steph out in cowboy town...oh ya, i looove the cowboy who drives a toyota camry and squeals his tires every time he sees me walking home - RIGHT ON MAN! I THINK YOU'RE SEXY ALREADY! DO IT AGAIN!!! >:|

deep sigh...can't wait to come home for thanksgiving :)
lexy gives big kisses to all and ferg shouts out a big hello to whoever reads these posts...t'will all be well soon...

ferg out

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