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Hey! I`m still alive over here!!
posted Sunday September 23, 2001 @ 19:34 by bigass

Ok, I`m not even sold yet.. I mean wait a minute, I`m being sold?? Haha.. What's going on here, I should say who gets my car! The MR2 is branded by my ass cheeks, my leather seats ;) Poor car is going to be in the cold garage all winter.

I`m still looking for a job, nothing so far. I wish I could find a wanted ad for a pimp service or something, atleast that would be more interesting than selling freakin' warranties. BTW, NEVER BUY THE WARRANTIES from any retail chain, they're a rip off if you didn't know.

Bought a new washing machine today from Futureshop, they didn't know what they were doing as usual. Dealt with some asshole named "Al" who was about as professional as a joke. He was getting pissed at us because we wanted to pickup our purchase? Like wtf? Mabe you should get a new job you pathetic 40yr old working in retail.. bah, loser!

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