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My Illness
posted Friday September 28, 2001 @ 07:21 by valerian

well, I've had a sore throat since monday, and by yesterday I was really feeling quite terrible.. So I went to the Dr. and he did a throat swab thingy.. he was even grossed out by what he saw.. little white bulbs on my tonsils.. so he felt my lymph nodes in my neck and everything and they were really swollen.. which means my white blood cell count is up because of whatever I have. So the throat culture results take 24-48 hours because they have to allow the bacteria to grow and develop in order to distinguish what it is I have.. but he's pretty positive it's strep throat .. and my ear hurts, so he looked at it and it's inflamed.. so yay I have drops.. they hurt like a bitch to put in.. I can't do it myself though :P I hate when I have to depend on my parents for that kind of stuff.. I feel so childish..
so anyway, I find out for sure if I have strep today, and if the culture comes back negative, he has to do blood work and test for mono.. even though you don't usually get it twice (I had it already when I was in pre school).. but there's still a chance..
so yeah.. I'm really sick.. and nobody will get me mcdonalds french fries.. that's all I want...

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