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ferg is touched...
posted Saturday September 29, 2001 @ 21:07 by theferg

wow Leelee Sobieski? i loove her, and that is a huge compliment...thank you valerian...too bad that derek hasn't bothered to decorate his boring site with more pics of me (jk bud, my fault, i'm gonna scan and send a bunch of camping pics and recent pics to you..and your site is NOT boring at fact i snagged a 1964ish stang from you to use as my wallpaper tonight)..

so you're moving in a week huh? AND you're sick? wow thats too much stress for anyone...think i'm gonna sneak a piece of one of the two pumpkin pies we bought today and were still under budget! yaa! (ferg does a little happy dance)

hope you're feeling better...still sending my get-well energy..

ferg out

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