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Why Me
posted Friday June 11, 2004 @ 06:36 by R2K News

Once upon a time in an EB Games not so far away, I went to open a new store. Now the Fuckers at ADT didn't come to install the security system.....

So that means....that's right some1 has to stay in the store over night. And guess who got that pleasure...ME!!!! Went to go and see harry Potter and the prisoner of aczhfckjfodnfker somthing, then went to the store for an all nighter.
Now this might sound like the time I was in Owen sound, but less dead/ugly hookers. I camped out in style. I brought a sleeping bag, air matress and everything. Got a great sleep untill the guys in the next building decided to begin drilling on the chalk board at 5AM, but a good sleep i got none the less.
Oh and did i mention i didn't have to goto work on wed b'c I tecnically was in the store all night working...ya....
I got paid to sleep...hehe booya

posted by Powell on Friday June 11, 2004 @ 21:51:

Sweet deal...

posted by theferg on Sunday June 13, 2004 @ 09:37:

Sounds like your overnighter was better than mine...sleeping on a bunch of blankets next to the animals, waking up every 2 hours to shove a thermometer up a cats ass....sweet!!!

posted by wolf on Sunday June 13, 2004 @ 17:29:

and they paid you for it ferg? ... sweet!!!

posted by Partyboy on Monday June 14, 2004 @ 14:28:

Now, that's what I call getting up close and friendly with the

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