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Double Ugh
posted Monday October 8, 2001 @ 21:12 by theferg

Ferg needs to rant here for a sec...
kennels schedule is coming up this week, which means 12 hour days for the ferg, getting up at 5/5:30 and being at school from 6-7 every day...trying to fit in taping buffy/angel along with studying for 2 tests and being there for my friends when they need me...what a fucking week i've got lined up for me...

kennels is going to be especially hard this week b/c after we just got over (aka euthanized) the sick cat with feline leukemia we now have up to 5 puppies with parvo virus (very deadly and easily spread) that we are trying to keep that will be slowing down kennels while we're trying to teach the juniors how to do wonder we thought the seniors were such bitches last year..they were stressed out even more than we were last year!

only good thing was that in many ways this weekend fuckin rocked...reasons it didn't: big was sick as a dog, had no heat in his house on and off all weekend, it was cold, it snowed, parents harpin on me usa bombin da shit out of afganistan was a little depressing, big seeing old home videos of me was very embarrassing...

reasons it was smashbang: got to come home, party with homeys 2 nights (Training Day on fri night, the Roxx with glowsticks Sat night), got mega time with big (hmmmmm...memories), nice dinner on sun, got to drive again (woo ha), no homework, blissfully out of ridepoo for a few days, lexy got along with all but one family member out of 14 for the thanksgiving dinner...

i'm posting so long today cuz i won't be posting here for at least a week due to the above mentioned kennel schedule..

hope everyone elses thanksgiving was not too bad (Nico we will talk later for sure bud...) ferg has to go and study pharmacology now while making some sort of hot tea drink...

bye for now all,
ferg out

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