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The New House
posted Friday October 12, 2001 @ 12:22 by valerian

So I'm FINALLY up on the internet.. I didn't miss it as much as I thought I would.. too busy with MONO and unpacking everything.. it feels like I'm house sitting still.. we've been here for about a week.. my email is down so I have to call rogers but I won't be doing that until after my doctor's appointment this afternoon.. Tomorrow I'm working Midnight Magic 2-12am, and then Sunday I'm working 12-4 as usual.. then it's back to work at Denne starting monday. Thanksgiving was nice in our new house! Lots of apple and pumpkin pie to go around.. my neighbour wouldn't come over for dinner though (my old neighbour Dale), cause she was too afraid of getting mono, even though I'm not contagious anymore.. idiot..
The chinese guy is bugging me again at work,.. thought I got rid of him for good.. It's so gloomy outside today.. raining and all that.. I dont know anyone in my new neighbourhood.. sigh.. terribly lonely.. Aah well perhaps I'll meet some people soon.. I'm like right smack in the middle of bristol and london rds... it's bizzar.. I think burford and dorchester at the only two connecting streets from the two.. I've figured this out on my long walks every morning with the dog..she had an allergic reaction to a bee the other day.. she was throwing up allll over the place (ew), but she's all good now.. just allegic to bees.. :P
That's all for now..

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