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Re: new house!
posted Friday October 12, 2001 @ 20:55 by theferg

glad to hear that you're all settled in and you you're not dead val! :) :) :)
also good to hear that you're not as much of a computer geek as scott and derek who would be crying and carrying around pics of their comps in their wallets for comfort! lol

london and bristol! amazing! i'm surprised scotts so rude that he hasn't invited you over for some sort of welcome to the neighbourhood food! well i'll give him a break being sick and all ;) (jk hon)...

ahhh! your poor poor puppy :( :( :( hate to hear when dogs aren't feeling extra careful if she gets stung again that she doesn't go into anaphalactic (sp?) shock if you're sure shes allergic cuz it could kill her (i'm a paranoid 'mom' with bees when it comes to lexus).

anyway ya glad to hear you're feeling good..i got too excited over wrestling party last night and ended up 75% losing my voice just as i was getting better : oh well, was worth it...

catch you all laterz then, muuuch to do this weekend (kennels got switched to now and 3 midterms to study for)...picture ferg bopping her head to depeche mode - personal jesus and you're here with me now! lol

ferg out..

oh and btw valerian, you got smooth criminal stuck in my head like permanently the last week when you said you woke up singing it a while i got the mike version and the alien ant version singing ALL THE TIME in my head...its ok cuz i'm not sick of it yet lol... :)

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