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Funny link
posted Sunday October 14, 2001 @ 21:14 by theferg

If you're as pissed off as i have been lately about the middle east go to big's link...its a bloody good laugh..muuuch better than the last porno link that "accidentally" got added instead that was apparently a "website link error"....hrmmmm ferg is thinking of different ways to tighten her leash on he's acting out publicly! lol

yes i am a paranoid mom but i am a highly trained paranoid mom and my animals stay healthy don't they? thats what counts...SOME ppl are paranoid if ppl's computer systems aren't running at top speed with all the latest gadgets etc...i think thats much more petty than being paranoid about the health and well being of a living creature (lexy is giving papa the sad eyes "you don't care about me scott") lol

ahh ferg has only 2 midterms this week and is well happy about it...voice still fuckin shot though, was only able to communicate to big over the phone by lowering into a 'man voice'...needless to say that lasted all of one minute before the conversation was abruptly ended due to imense embarrassment :(

catch you all laterz then,
ferg out :)

sidenote: ferg is just kidding about the leash thing...heh "back awaaay, not todaaay, disco laddaay!" friends and family agree we are both equally whipped...raeearr

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