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mmmm spit swallowing
posted Tuesday October 16, 2001 @ 13:00 by theferg

i'm going to keep this short and sweet cuz lovely pms has me on an amazingly long mood swing (i'm on the 18th hour now)..i even had bitchy, moody dreams lastnight...

i'm glad you can swallow spit V, cuz we weren't gonna take you anywhere with you drooling all over the place! lol actually would still be more pleasant than some of the ppl we take out sometimes....
yes a get togethers of some sort must be established...get off dec. 16th i believe..

ferg quickly heads..

p.s. envisioning all my old enemies, fergs got a bat in a full swing, just fuckin knockin all their little slutty heads off their std ridden bodies...ya - violence rocks!

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