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mmmm chocolate
posted Tuesday October 16, 2001 @ 17:40 by theferg

lol i've been eating those mini choc chip cookies all afternoon and night...had honeycomb cereal for dinner...planning on more choc and pumpkin pie later on for dessert...

hey for ferg's also funny link associated with big's go here.

hrmm scott is prolly laughing his ass off reading about us doing something "outdoors" (ferg is an..almost self proclaimed nature hater)...i do best in a heated building that entertains me by either providing dancing naked men, a film of some sort, a game of some sort, shopping of some sort, or loud music and more dancing men....but ferg can always expand her horizons and dip her toes in the great (and cold) outdoors (for one afternoon) lol

we will see what can be done ;)

ferg out

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