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posted Sunday October 21, 2001 @ 11:06 by nightwolf

man, last nite was crazy. 6 of us went bowling, i think its the first time in ages bigass and pring have seen each other, everyone was drinking but me, i was driving them home. jen got pretty drunk, tif too. gary almost got screwed by a cop on the way home. going through aurora around 2:30am, we both went by a cop at an intersection, i slowed down, i dont think gary saw him. a bit down the road by some more lights the cop got up beside him, and used his speakerphone to tell gary to slow down. if he got pulled over he coulda been screwed cause he had a lot to drink too. heh. im at work right now writing this, it gets boring on sundays. i have the week off school which is nice, i gotta work a few days during it, which shouldnt be too bad. i need the cash, damn car and stuff. bbl, boss is coming.

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