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posted Saturday May 22, 2004 @ 23:52 by nightwolf News

so i was bored tonight, had to move my car into the driveway off the road. decided to check out the house being built beside us while i was out there...

all the doors seemed to be locked. i got inside the garage, but that door was locked too. it had a deck, but no stairs, so i got a chair from a backyard and climbed up... back sliding door wasnt locked! first thing i did was unlock all the doors, for easy access tomorrow night heh. then i checked the place out. its almost finished, no carpets,paint,etc. but its fully wired with working hydro. wonder how long a party would last in there till the cops showed up. noise would probably set off the neighbours. cause unless you really attracted attention, no one would notice anything wrong. cause its a finished house from the outside, and they leave some lights on inside anyways. how should i exploit this? builders shouldnt be back around until tuesday since this is the long weekend.

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