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Chop chop, hack hack....
posted Wednesday March 13, 2002 @ 20:23 by theferg

Sorry, I hope no one minds I was just cutting some of the tension with my imaginary knife ;)

Added some new pics to my main section - the pics of Randy gettin sacked on New Years got scanned, but ended up getting lost in the big ridgetown powerouttage of 2002 (on Sat night we were literally without any power or light for over 5 hours grrr...) I'll put em up as soon as we rescan em...

Lexy is handling her weight pulling training well (if anyone cares) ;)
It was too nice this afternoon to go to class so I skipped just one and we worked on her shit in the front yard. Found an old skateboard in our scary garage and she pulled 2 bricks for me across our front patio!! I'm probably looking like a dork yelling at her "Work Work, Dig it Lexy Work!"....the lady across the yard hanging her laundry was very amused with my disturbing the usually quiet afternoon heh....

So ya mummy is very proud of her needless to was only about 10 pounds but it's a start...before you know it she'll be pulling 40x her own weight like the professionals! :)
Must go feed my lil champ now...
Ferg out

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