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news from the ferg
posted Friday May 10, 2002 @ 09:58 by theferg

So here we are; after numerous interviews, resume dropping offs, callbacks, and intensely praying to the job gods, ferg finds herself still without stable employment....:

As the money tree quickly runs dry, and patience and energy are wearing down she finds herself starting to go mad, caught in the flurry of the "too much spare time syndrome". Not being used to having 2 days off in a row for years has conditioned the ferg to become accustomed to being busy, filling her time with school, one job or another, and even more time spent travelling between the 2 jobs(or sometimes 3). Now with full days off looming ahead Ferg scrambles to find things to fill the huge time gaps: massive room, yard, and house cleaning, laundry runs, full car interior vacuuming, and even studying (yes studying) for her upcoming RVT exam are the only solitude for fending off psycotic boredom.

Afraid of becoming like the crazy man with the tuque reminiscent of the love interest in American Beauty, who followed Ferg into the grocery store today, picked up a green bunch of bananas stared intensely at them, then slowly walked out in the same insane manner as he entered, she patiently sits at home, awaiting yet another call that will determine whether or not come monday morning, she will be a working girl, or the same slowly-going-mad girl she is now....

sigh....ferg out

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