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new visitors?
posted Monday June 17, 2002 @ 10:01 by theferg

we have new ppl here? (covers up naked body) wolfie you should have told me there was more here than just our usual i feel ashamed....used and ashamed damnit!

so what shall we do to entertain our new bout i do my singing dancing act? "da da dadadada da da dadadada da da dadadadada da da da da da da da" (to tune of homer simpson flexing his pec muscles in the mirror)
[ferg proceedes to perform intricate dance moves, difficult gymnatic-like flips, all to a little tune in her head, prancing, gyrating, hair swinging around, as she pretends all the world is a stage, and all the men and women merely players]

so to conclude i hope all the new ppl aren't too scared away by now, ferg always speaks in the third person, and she has to study for a huge exam this friday so little blonde brain cells are pretty much fried at this point.....oh and the As you like it dig, was not meant to be a dig, ferg really appreciates shakespeare and loves his work...rock on william!

p.s. if anyone is still unsure that the ferg is full of shit let me take this opportunity to confirm that notion...the only thing close to a gymnastic move that i can perform is when i wrap my ankles behind my neck during sex....and i'm even lying about that ;)

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