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What is it with people?
posted Thursday August 1, 2002 @ 13:16 by bigass

What is it with people? Well, that's a fairly abstract question, so let me narrow it down a bit. Why are people so lazy? I'm not claiming to be perfect in every respect, but geez! I have moments where I don't feel like doing stuff, or going that extra distance.

But nothing compared to what I saw this morning. It had to be the single biggest convention of the laziest people that live within 50km of the local Tim Hortons. I was on my way to work, and had to stop to get my 'wakeup juice' to start off the day. I get to Tim Hortons and I can literally not squeeze into the parking lot for the line up of cars.

Of particular importance is the fact that it is summer, and a beautiful day with a nice breeze outside. So as I try and make my way through the lineup of cars, I think to myself, "wow business is really booming". Until I hit the parking lot and realize there is only 1 other person in there with me. Is no one willing to get out of their cars and walk an extra 4 steps to get their coffee? The line for the drive-through would literally take 15 mins to for everyone to get through. I walk inside, there's no one there and order my coffee right away, walk out and leave and the same 15-18 cars are still sitting in line at the drive-through.

Amazing. And to top it off, everyone has their windows up and A/C on to beat the unbearable morning weather (of 23c). I couldn't help but crack a big smile and take a big sip of my coffee in front of everyone else stuck waiting for 15 mins.

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