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posted Tuesday August 6, 2002 @ 16:13 by bigass


Spent the first day in my new office today at work. Very nice to have some peace and quiet to yourself for a change. It's eventually going to house (see cattle transport) 3 people, but with just me and my huge workstation setup it's very nice.

On a side note, it's so ironic when you have to go to a website to download drivers for a video card, cause you're stuck in postage stamp resolution at less than one color. So you go to the videocard manufacturers website and it's designed for 1280x1024 res, with 32bpp graphics and you can't read SQUAT. Now, I would think that the purpose of having a website for your customers, would be so they could use it! So finally navigating by highlighting text and squinting against the background that is coming up as LSD blotter art, I get to the download page for what I'm looking for (i think). I click to download and BAM a javascript window pops up with a disclaimer for the drivers that's 8 times bigger than the display that I'm working with (remember, postage stamp size). What damn chance does anyone have trying to read this thing, and it's so big I barely can get to the button to actually get the drivers from it... must be PHD's designing this shit, I mean really...

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