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geezus christ
posted Wednesday August 7, 2002 @ 12:19 by bigass

Yes, I have a good reason to be blasphamous (sic?). I just got pulled over on my lunch break and had another 20 mins of my life wasted. The irony is the killer. I was on my way back from the courthouse registering my other two tickets I got last week, and I get pulled over. I was turning left onto mulock from young st south. This cop is in front of me in the passing lane and I'm pulling into the turn lane. The traffic moves in front of him, he doesn't go, the guy in front of me moves, and I leave a gap for the cop to get in.. doesn't go. Finally I go ahead and the cop jumps in behind me, "oh shit, this is going to be good". I make my turn, get 5 ft from the intersection and BAM, **lights**. UGH!!!! This is at 12:20, and first thing he asks me, "have you had anything to drink today"... I'm thinking to myself how nice it would be to have a drink at this point. Make it a double.

So he asks for the usual suspects, license, ownership, insurance. Asks me why I have so many different insurance slips, I explain that I have a winter and a summer car. He saunters back to his pig-mobile to sit on his but and waste 15 mins calling in everything about since I was born. Then ANOTHER squad car pulls up behing him, gets out and starts shooting the shit with him.. it's his buddy of course. After they get done socializing with the lights on the whole time.. Hasn't said anything that I've done wrong at this point.. then comes back 15 mins later and says I didn't signal at the intersection he followed me through - that's BS, anyone who knows me always knows I signal. Nevermind the fact that I saw him there and made a note to be legal.

Then he says my permit has expired. I tell him that I can't get a new one until I pass emissions, and that I am literally going straight there after work (had this booked for a week). He hrmms and hawws, and then plays stroke me off (his ego) and eventually says, aaawww, ok, I'll let you off, but I've got my eye on you and you've got a warning (this is at 12:40 now)... WTF? every cop seems to have their eye on me..

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