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To continue a thought...
posted Saturday August 17, 2002 @ 01:03 by smeetz

Not to long ago, my amigo, Mr. Biggie, touched on a somewhat novel thought. Inregards to those lazy, Timmy Hoe's drive-thru, customers. Well, to show another side of the spectrum....

I was driving around in the excessively hot, state of Georgia not to long ago. When low and behold I get behind some bergandy colored (insert favourite shite automobile here.) I take a glance over to the driver's seat and just about do a double take. Behind the wheel of said shite box, has got to be a 300 to 450 lbs woman, with about 6 chins, and a twinkey in each hand. Obviously, she must be steering the car with her gut, quite well I must add.

Well, too get back to the point. Just about everywhere I go down here, I see a plethora of obese men, women, and kids. Come to think of it, just about all my surrounding neighbours are rather, "big boned", "heavy set" or the classic "fat in the ass."

It never stops amazing me how someone could/would let themself get to be that far overweight. Now, I'm not bean pole myself, maybe about 20 lbs overweight but these people down here are a good duece-duece and a half in the red.

By the way, on just about every street corner there is either a fast food restaurant, or a all-you-can-eat buffet.

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