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Rant of the day...
posted Saturday August 17, 2002 @ 01:11 by smeetz

A quick background check to prove a point.

State of Georgia Driver's License=Cracker Jack Box

A large percentage of people in this state pretty much get there license's from a cracker jack box. No kidding. Mandatory driving lessons are not required in this state, heck, country. They frequently, and I mean always, run red lights. Usually about a minute or so after it has already turned red. Idiots. And they say Torontonians don't know how to drive. HA!

Personal Request: If on a highway, freeway, interstate and you make a habit of driving anywhere from 10 miles/kilometers under to 5 miles/kilometers over the posted speed limit. Please, Please, PLEASE!!! drive in the outermost right hand lane.

Commonsense Rule proposal: Highway Speed Limits. Right lane for slow ass, bitches (cuz that's usually who drive's really slow), "Ferg" excluded. Each sub-sequent lane following towards the left, have an increase in maxim speed intervals of anywhere from 10 to 40 m.p.h/k.p.h. And the outermost LEFT lane is for those who have deathwishes, a heavy foot, or just are in a rush.

I'm out!!

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