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posted Monday September 30, 2002 @ 20:02 by R2K

Well back i am from the EB games E3 show in Montreal adn boy do i have to say WOW. Lot's-o-cool stuff happi'n in the game world. Also credit where credit is due, microsoft KNOWS how to throw a party (free drinks help sony...write that down).
It's tough only having 4 hrs combined sleep over the 3 days, and doing 20hr days with vendors i realized one thing from this year.....3hrs of sleep after 13 drinks = one long 20hr day. It looks pretty bad (and wil haunt you for life) when you fall asleep durring the nintendo presentation, but they had nothing special to offer anyways and the guy they sent was as dumb as a radio shack salesman (hehe).<- BigASS: HEY! don't label me!
but all in all, one thing that me and many others were glad for was my ability to swave, kiss ass and all aroung suck up to get free shit! I came home with 3 of everything! I went with one small duffle bag, came back with that and 3 more big one's. From small crap like light sabers and and sony watches to (lots-o-now and future) pc and consol games to a porsche 9 11 !!!!

well off to get some sleep, recoup and get better.......Oct. is a big month.....stay tuned for why....

R2K out

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