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posted Monday October 7, 2002 @ 10:06 by theferg

ferg is impressed jay....for the energy and time it took for you to post that story (and quite elequantly i might add) you WIN the "Commemorative not-so-official High School English Credit (given out by the Ferg)"

lets all have a golf clap for jay... :)

well its great to see you're well, for one thing working, and also making cool friends and having interesting times...who says a mother of 2 can't have a slutty good time at a gay bar? as the only girl here, and therefore making me the only voice of reason, i feel compelled to wonder out loud who was babysitting the children that loooong night, and also how many shots jay had before he drove the "sexual deviants" home for that difficult drive ;) ahhhhhh only in geoooooorga

all i can say is have fun next time you see them at work... :)

as for my own story of personal strife, after a long ass weekend of driving to the t dot, barrie and to hamilton and back, barney gave all that he could and is now in the hospital...i don't know when i'll see my lil purple beast again, but its very traumatic for me, being the first time we've been seperated since we've formed the owner/car bond....
i would appreciate your thoughts and prayers as my dedicated lil wagon goes under the knife, pray for comfort, assurance, and a speedy recovery so we can soon again tear around newmarket.... (sniff...this is becoming difficult for me)...

on a much happier note i am now driving a white hundai accent that my mechanic "gave" to me until barney is out of the hospital...i thought that was rather thoughtful of mark (and trusting)...i must be special :) for all the work he's doing to my beloved wagon and for his generosity...i'm just wondering how would be an appropriate way to pay him back? what do middle aged mechanic men crave most do you think?....maybe i'll leave this one open to you guys for suggestions...whoever posts the most creative answer will win...

aight well ferg has to run off to work now in her new to ya'll later (that ones for you jay)...
ferg out

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