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turkey day and other gobble
posted Monday October 14, 2002 @ 12:23 by R2K

Well as every turkey starts out in my family we all get dressed into sumo wrestler suits adn have a big sumo match followed up by singinf kumbya.....well actually not, but sleeping in one and a while would be a good start. I have 3 things to rant about 2day.
1. Playing hockey on ice is alot harder than it looks, but not as hard as i though (i still hurt alot though)
2. More R2K hook-ups = X-Box live beta tester (booyaa)
3. What's so wrong with eatting the yellow snow, i think it tastes fine

Next week i will have many stories for you all b'c this weekend me, ferg, bigass and limey are going to the bay (thunder)..... i'm still trying to figure out how i got suckered into driving.....oh yea, i 4got. we can't let the ferg drive (blond and woman...we wouldn't make it......."oh look.... dragons and castles oh my")

But on a different note, we are now officially in the 23days of R2K b-day celebration


p.s. EDF3..EDF3..EDF3..EDF3..

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