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Well then...
posted Tuesday October 15, 2002 @ 15:18 by bigass

Since everyone else posted about their weekend, I figured I would chip in my 2 cents. I hiked out to Port Dover (well, drove) for thanksgiving with the relatives on Sunday. My car afficiando cousin came up in a work borrowed 2002 Jaguar X-Type 3L, which I promptly got up to 200kmh and overall had a fucking hell of a time booting around in. Those brits do know how to make a transmission (ford: take note).

More turkey on Monday with the family and that brings us back to "back to work" tuesday. Ugh.

what the hell is it with people and turn lanes? it's simple enough really, the meaning is in the name.. it's not like they're calling it one thing and expecting you to do something completely different.. if you're in a turn lane, YOU TURN!~#! You do not go straight through the intersection cutting off those who are in the proper lane. this has happened to me too many times in the last couple days. I will follow this up with a diagram if necessary.

Anyhoo, this weekend is going to be crazy and everyone is going to have a wicked super deluxe great time (with the ferg not driving - hehe couldn't resist). Ferg will drive, we'll just fend off the dragons and other demonic visions along the way.

Until then, cya.

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