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I hate mazdas
posted Tuesday October 15, 2002 @ 17:39 by doggy69247

1 fine day wel i lied its bloody freezing dan decides 2 go 2 barry 2 find a snow mabeel shop 2 get a winter mask cus its cold on the bike i set off merely on my way i hit davis drive and proseed past the mall then some STUPID WOP in a little mazda proseeds 2 turn left right infront ov me he was comeing eastbound i was going west :) he turned in2 the mall realiseing he just mada a mistake because some guy on a bike is sliding towards him he desiders 2 do the oviouse theing get out of the way faster than he was going 2 be (NO) he looses it stalls the car huts his hands over his face and curles up like a little girl and wates 4 the impact me rear end locked up trying like fuck 2 stop stops the fastest iv ever stopped be4 and my front tire rubs some ov the dirt from is nice dirty new car he prosides 2 go in2 the mall after restarting the cat and goes 2 kph down the road in2 the mall then a cop going the other way cant see what had just happened goes the other way looking at me giving this guy the finger sat in the middle ov the road all pissed off and over the tanoy in his car tells me 2 move on :) so i waved at him and made a nice black line on the floar and went 2 barry and froze mt ass off all the way there when i get 2 the store they dont carry any masks ;like that any more :(

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