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strike 2 against nintendo
posted Wednesday October 16, 2002 @ 22:44 by R2K

well, well,
i get a call yesterday from nintendo that went somthing like this.
"hey we have tickets for WWE (will never get used to saying that) Smackdown at the ACC, do ya want to go"? "fuck ya" i said. So i truck my ass all the way down there thinking that since these are from nintendo (or any company for that matter) they must be half descent seats right....??
like when microsoft took us they had a privete box, our own waitress, free food/beer (oh yea) great 3rd row seats, t-shirts for us and loads more. So i'm thinking somthing close, but not as far as the big "M".
Well we get there, i meet up with people from head office, we go in, a little poorly planned, but still...FREE TICKETS...who cares right...?...wrong! I find out that we are sitting in the nose bleed section, no free anything (food or what not). not even a greeting from any nintendo people, jst here's your ticket, and some tissue if your nose starts to bleed.
Well thanx for the free tickets and all, but nnone the less, randy comes through with some fun, i hit on the chick at the bar, got lots-o-free beer and ZAA out of it so it wasn't all THAT bad i guess concidering all i had to pay for the whole night was parking ($20) adn had 3 large beers, 1 ZAA and shitty tickets, after a while we just stopped watching the matches, drank and hit on this all was not lost i guess.....

Well nintendo, you are slowly loosing my respect, you are at strike 2, one more and i start protesting.......

Me out for the weekend,
Will have more stories for ya on Tuesday

R2K (EB Guy) out

p.s. Got my X-Box live beta, can't wait to try it a story about that also

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