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I know I'm late
posted Saturday October 26, 2002 @ 11:41 by R2K

Well i said that I would write this story on the day after monday, but b'c of recent events (which most ofyou know by now) I haven't had a chance. Well here it it...
Now from time to time i babble on and on about the consol wars and haw sony and nintendo keep doing stuff wrong...well, I's got a 1/2 point for ya.
I signed up for the x-box live (internet thingy) beta and since there were only 10,000 in north america i though slim chance, but i i's got to say is...R2K hook-ups. I got on the beta, had to pay for worries...because it's also the full version and i can use it when the beta's over. But shipping and handling was $40 american!!!! This thing is the size of a box of cookies!! It cost almost more to ship the bloody thing.!!
But all that aside, it rock, it's clear, no lag, and a piece of cake to hook up.

Don't worry, will have a fully detailed car story for ya soon

R2K out

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