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how not 2 wake the patents at 3am
posted Monday October 28, 2002 @ 14:11 by doggy69247

hello here are some technikal hints on how 2 brake in 2 the house when your parents are in bed and u pick up the bike keys instead ov the house keys :)

get home around 3 am in the morning realise u hav no keys so go 2 the back doar brake out an old credit card type thing and try 2 open the doar dont use a work pass card they are made cheeply and brake in the lock then that option is nul and void

Then go 2 the side ov the house were the little windoes are that let light in2 the basement then proseed 2 pry the pains ov glass from 1 side ov the window if u remove the screen u can lift the window in the fraim and it wil pop out then proseed in the window backwards

This only works if u are a skinny fucker u may need a bigger window if u are normal size :)

once u have the windoes off and u are half way in the window u susenly realise u hav forgoten that earlier on that week your dad has installed an extractor fan 4 the dost from the workshop and there is a 4 inch solid abs pipe blocking your entrance but buy this time u have your legs soo far in the window u have nothing 2 push off your legs are just dangleing so u deside 2 just go 4 it backwards ignore the pain ov the window frame scraping your chest and the pipe digging in your bac and just wiggle

But then there is something else in the equation a pipe installed buy the stupid ass plumbeer that built the house is right in the way 2 but buy this time u are well and truly on your way through the window 1 more little wiggle and thats it u are in the house with a bang u land in the sonk in the workshop that pipe turns out 2 be mains presure hot water and u hav busted the pipe in half there it water pissing everywere allover the 1000 of dolars ov power tools in the workshop u try with all your might 2 push on the pipe 2 stop the water but buy this time the water is soo fuckin hot u cant tutch it and its poaring allover your boddy

luckly your dad id a blumber and u shout with all your might becaust u know the slightest noise wakes him up but not this time 4 some reason he is in a coma sleep so u retreev your wet cellphone from your pocked meen while trying 2 spray the water out the window burning your hands

U finaly dial the number ov your house buy all the rings are turned off in the house because u are suposed 2 be working nights and dont wish 2 be woken up buy telamarkerers so nobody answeres the phone

U try this a couple ov times because u can hear 1 little noise in the house luckerly your brother forgot 2 turn his ringer off after 4 times calling the house u get an answer from a sleepy mum and u shout down the fhone get mick in the basement now there is water everywere

So he comes down 2 the basement all sleepy and turnes off the water then goes back 2 bed while u all this time trying not 2 wake the parents mop up all the fuckin water and dry off all the powertools and live eletrik boxes around the window then go 2 bed ond ov story :)

what a great end 2 a perfect night

sighning out dan :)

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