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posted Wednesday December 25, 2002 @ 11:39 by R2K

Well it's that time of year again, where i live at the store and cuddle x-box's, smile at ps2's and yell at nintendo (no love for the big "N").
I think i am a humbug person because of working retail. When x-mas day finally gets here it is a day off from the inhuman times at the mall. People are like, what are you doing for x-mas. i say SLEEP!!!! after dealing with stupid fuckers like you i need sleep and beer!!
standard x-mas question:
you got the 2K3?? or
i need a game for a 10yr old....
what does he like sir....
like i know, just get me some thing.....
well does he like sports, action, killing or britany sir......
does it really matter? just get me a game...
so britany it is...

and these people that get their kids or whatever the stupidest games without going throught the 5 mins. it would take to find out always buy something wrong and have to take it back. and these are the same people that hate doing x-mas returns.
I say just give the fucker money and let him get it himself.
like when you buy somting for yourslef, how often do you return never
randy 1 point,
customer 0.

so the next time oyu say to a retail person at work "hurry up i'm in a rush, let's go, what's taking so long, oh it's the wrong game, well i though..."
uh uh, we know what we are doing, we get paid to do this, not you. listen to us adn you all will surrvive.
and whenever you have an extra doller, please donate it to the Randy needs a coffee foundation.....and after 5 it turns into randy needs a drink foundation.

well off to bed....
tomorrow's going to be hell,


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