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Settling a score??
posted Thursday January 2, 2003 @ 14:15 by R2K

Well well,
i have yet another rant from the world of polatics in video games. This time it comes to us from our so called friends at sony.

Now alot of people in the world of EB know that i'm not a big sony fan after we all found out they build their PS2's with twigs and berries (that's why alot of them are defective). So i sometimes openly announce this maybe, but when we were at the game show in Oct. i though i pissed off sony by saying to their face that they suck and all that. Now i was pretty drunk (thanx to microsoft's free drinks), but the guy chuckled adn said "ya i know we suck". So i thought it was pretty cool that the sony rep agreeded with me.
Now over the past few weeks sony has been giving me useless crap like pins and pens. Now all of these "goodies" have been personally addressed to me with a small note saying somthing like "hope you haven't lost your faith in sony". Yea, like a pin and pen are going to make me love ya all over again, where's the love sony....well mainly some free games or somthing i can actually use will make my faith magically reappear (hint).
So on dec 27th i get a HUGE box addressed to me from sony. i mean this box was big. I could fit a normal human being in it....or basically me and doggy and ferg at the same time:)
so in excitment i tear it open adn find not only more useless pins and pens, but som cool stuff like posters, demo box's, shirts, hats, lanyards and an everquest onlins ps2 beta!!!
i can't remember when i giggled like a little school girl last like i did when i saw it (well i can when i got the x-live beta). Now i thought 3 things,
1. i don't have a ps2 modem, now i have to buy one....dam you sony
2. i could give 2 shits about evercrack
3. Mr. Weir will kill me if i don't give it to him :)

So i was all happy and my faith pretty much restored in sony once again. I went to Mr. Weir's house and gave him the beta. he was astonished that sony was being nice to me after all the crap i have caused them, but i said it must be water under the bridge i guess.
Now at this point thigs are good, i like osny again, i'm telling people how cool they are and all was well. The next day i get a call from Mr. Weir.......
it went a little somthing like this...

hey R2K....that evercrack beta is shit...
what do ya mean....
it's expired!!!!
what!!!! you got to be fucking me!!!!
yup, it expired on the 23rd of dec.
those commi bastards!!

sony may have had their revenge on my little heart. They had their laugh

So all in all, i guessed i deserved it...naa,
it just makes me believe more now that sony is run by a bunch of psyco monkeys with wings that are bent on ruleing the world.

the score will never be settled sony, this means war!

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