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posted Tuesday January 7, 2003 @ 22:21 by bigass

Ladies, welcome to the chateau (pronounced SH*_A_*TOW), now as you know there's not room for all of us around at the chateau (pronounced SH*_A_*TOW by the way). Note the entrance piccie (as my friend dan would say).

There's gonna be changes around here in the new year, I can't tell you what, but I can tell you that *something* is going to happen. We're going to do *something*, and it's most likely going to be big.. or not. We'll see.

JANUARY 07/2003
Newmarket -

S***t B*****y of Newmarket Ontario was arraigned on charges stemming
from the fatal shooting of the Police officer, her family, her dog, her car
and her fat fuck donut eatting Police boss, using a stolen gun bought yesterday
in Toronto for about the same value as his shitty car
. The suspect stated
"FUCK THA MUTHAFUCKING POLICE MUTHAFUCKAS" in a particularily colourful quote
after receiving a speeding ticket for 10km/h over the residential speed limit.
After murdering the Police officer who gave him the ticket, he proceeded to
drive donuts on the front lawn of the person responsible for the Police presence in
the neighborhood (more to come on this).

Joyus Joy Joy.

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