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i love snobby BITCHES
posted Saturday January 11, 2003 @ 15:27 by doggy69247

I go 2 fill the bike up with gass i pul up and there is a wonam in front of me
she has just started 2 fill her car up so i say excuse me! she turns rouns (I DON'T WANT 2 TALK 2 U) i was a little shocked but i thaught ok somebody is having a bad day :)
so i wate a minite and i say excuse me she spinns around glares at me and turns mack 2 filling her car up
so this guy is filling up next 2 me i said hey boddy look at his stupid bitch he looks over and started 2 laugh i said it loud enough so she would hear me he gave me a look and caried on with her buisnes i go pay 4 my gass and come back out she is still there filling the car up so i stand next 2 my bike satreing at her
she filled it full then goes and pays 4 the fuel then come out and she is about 2 get in her car so i say i dident know cavaleers made a desil car she says desil sucks i would never drive a desil im like ok then why u just fill your car up with desil then she looks at the pump and bitches why dident u tell me i was doing that i smiles and drove away shaking my head :) hehehehe

moral ov the story dont be a fuckin bitch !!!!!!!!

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