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posted Monday February 10, 2003 @ 15:54 by theferg

ok so the ferg is happy b/c she just passed her G test in good ol Barrie (pronounce it as you wish) seems the driving gods were against ferg today by providing her with a mean evaluator man (dammnit knew i should have worn the short skirt), and a brief but heavy snowfall that started as soon as fergs test started, and ended as soon as the test ended...?? but no matter, ferg is now a fully licensed driver like the rest of y'all, and she even cheated and passed her eye exam (again) so nooo restrictions!! so look out world! here comes the ferg and barney....

joe millionaire is the final episode today...if he doesn't pick zorra i'm gonna hunt him down, hijack a crane, and drop something very heavy on his bulldozer

ferg out

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