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Sex Sells........
posted Tuesday February 25, 2003 @ 23:50 by R2K

Well due to much contervirsy the new X-Box game DOAX or DOA Vollball may be getting, it does deserve some praise.
Now while some of you are thinking many impure things about the game in more ways then your mom should know about, if you strip away the girls (MMmmmm strip) for just one second (o.k. maybe 2-5sec.) it isn't that bad of a game. But unfortunatally it wouldn't sell if there was any other type of character in it. Which ever way you think of it, the game only really sold to the masses because of the sex appeal, and stayed in their hands because of the solid and addictive game play. Now after playing it for only a bit i realized one thing,.....

Should this game have really shipped with a one handed controller.....?

Well my 2-5 sec. are up, time to stop imagineing the game without the girls......ahhhhh that's better

p.s. got to love the bounce feature!

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