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And on this day...Ferg wept...
posted Thursday February 27, 2003 @ 08:16 by theferg

ok boys, does ferg have to spell it out for you one more time???? here we go, make sure to take this all in: THEY ARE CARTOONS! they are not real girls, they were designed by some dork sitting in a computer lab who is even dorkier than you guys are for oggling little computer women...even old perverted men who hang around bars to hit on young girls (re: last time visiting sharxx) have the know how to be attracted to REAL people at least....

side note: must take randy out for a night on the town soon, his behaviour is starting to resemble mikes...
second side note: mike if you are reading this that comment had no affiliation with you whatsoever, it was a different mike

ferg cannot and will not ever be able to get over this strange behaviour some males exhibit...the love of cartoon boobies...maybe if elmer fudd was built like a brick shithouse i would understand but....alas

ferg out

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