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posted Tuesday March 11, 2003 @ 13:34 by bigass

Well today some ass from Lithuania decided that he would try and rip me off. It didn't happen. He sent a forged money order confirmation and approval email which had headers based in Lithuania.. boy I must look like I just fell off the turnip truck or something. So that was interesting.

Then I went for lunch at the subway near my work on Mulock. Apparently one of the new people they have working there (filling in from another store) thinks they're in the Marine Corps or something. She's hollaring out orders left and right, with only the seriousness that a nuclear scientist can possess when it's time to test his math. I'm trying to eat my meal whilst wallowing in my own silent misery, and all I can hear is this bitch barking like a dog. I wanted to just say, look, we're talking about a slab of meat, some bread and minimum wage here, it's NOT a big deal.

But I decided to keep that little tidbit to myself. The winter is really starting to drag on me.. we were supposed to go somewhere but that plan got screwed when the fate of shitty days decided to place us ass first into a ravine in R2K's Sonata. When does it all end, I mean really.. this weather is killing me slowly like a wretched rat poisoned meal that I can't stop eatting..


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