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I Hate Sony or Sony Hates Me (pt.2)
posted Friday March 14, 2003 @ 23:00 by R2K

Well another day in the life of me vs. sony.
As we do a quick flash back to the orevious battle we remember the cunning trick by the big "S" when they gave me an "exclusive" beta for everquest online for the PS2, only to find out it had expired 2 days b4 they gave it to me.......
well here it is...round 2.......

So things have been pretty quiet in the sony world lately. No t-shirts, pins or pens lately. I've been compiling this grand scheme to get back at them for the everquest mochary.....
So i was opening box's from the daily shipment when i noticed a special package addresed to me personally about the size of 2 dvd cases......
things that make you go HMMMMmmmmm. i poundered.
I open the attached letter and it reads...
To: Our Valued (underlined) Supporing Partner
(Now they got my interest)
"I would like to thank-you for your coninued support....blah blah blah"
"thanks again for your (underlined) support!!" (yes count'em 2 ex. marks)

Sr VP of sales and marketing

Now they really have my interest concidering this is the fabeled guy that i told i hate sony to at the microsoft show in montreal back in Sept.

So i open the box to find what looks like to be a full version of everquest online and a game card. So it looks good so far. I get a game for free, normally u have to pay to play online, but i got a pay card, so i get my first 2 months free to "check it out".

So i sit back for about 1 sec in awe thinking....what's the catch,.....
then i remembered,
wait i don't have an on-line adaptor which i will have to purchase....not a big deal i guess......
it's only $64.99CDN
but then as i go to look at the package i realize somthing,.......
so now i will have 2 copies of this game that cannot be traded in (due to serial number online codes). So basically sony just sent me a 2 month free play so i can buy an on-line adaptor and get a free game,....
oh yea,
and they sent me a free
everquest coaster!!!!

i saw through you plan to make be buy a network adaptor and to possibly play this crappy version of everquest (according to the wombat weir)

Dam you sony, dam you
keep this up and i will stick the wombat on you and he will fuck shit up, we all know what he did to the country of france!!

R2K out
p.s. stay tuned, next week is nintendo's biggest ever, will they go out of business or for once do somthing right....wait a minute, they created pokemon, i hope they die.

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