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I swear the government is out to get me
posted Tuesday March 18, 2003 @ 20:02 by R2K

So as most of you already know when me, bigass, ferg and doggy went/attempted to goto thunder bay we had a little accitdent. But also along the way (in perry sound) I got grazed with a hefty 49 over $359.00 4 point speeding ticket....ya i know ouch!!!!!

So I choose to fight it and hope it may be reduced a bit or somthing to that nature. So here it is.

The Plan:
Monday night me and Reddick drive to perry sound after work (9:00)in my mom's car (same model as the one i got the ticket in and crashed as well back in october) and be there around midnight. Get a hotel, sleep and goto court in morning. Sounds good........maybe

So me and Reddick head out to perry sound not sure what to except. We make good time and arrive around 11:30. Now Reddick was good enoughf to find all of the phone numbers for the hotel/motels in perry sound on the net so we could call and find the cheapest one to stay in w/out driving all over town. Now some of remember the wounderfull place called the "pink flamingo" that me smeez and doggy stayed in on the trip to windsor....keep it in mind.

We get to town, call a few of the "name brand" places and the usual 70-90 buck. So then we try to call the "perry sound motel" figuring it "sounds" cheap. Well it rings 4 times, then a machine picks up and goes like this.
:Hi, you've reached Gary at the perry sound motel. Please leave me a message and i will get back to you.

well it sounds like this place is being run out of his basement, maybe a little 2 cheap.

So the next place was the Royal Inn. Sounds nice...i was wrong. $50 bucks after tax for the night. sounds good so far. So we high tail it across town (took us 2min) to this place. Now what looks like a bar from outside with the loud music, lights and drunkin hicks all over place was actually a hotel we found out. We walked up to the bar, being looked at by everyone in there (i swear hicks can tell when people are from out of town) and get carded b4 we can say anything. I ask politely "where is the front desk"? some guy said what are ya'll look'n for? I held back my laughfter and said a room for the night. He turned around and slid the liquor cabinet over to reveal a key rack. He literally tossed me a key and said "have fun". So we run our stuff up to the room, set the alarm on the car kiss it good bye incase it isn't there in the morning (b'c the parking lot was in a back alley with no lights).
We decide to go down to the bar/frontdesk and have a beer or 2 or 5 b4 we goto bed. Now is it just me or is it some kind of custom for strange, ugly, bad breath hillbillies to come over and talk about their trailers to you while your checking to see if the glass the bartender just gave you is clean. Other than that, we must've looked like out of towners b'c we got stared at all night and talked to more than i ever wanted. My guess is that our hair was combed and teeth brushed and they were all in awe on how we did it or somthing.
Now one more scary thought, when some one in the bar (very scary chick/cougar) comes up to you and say's "i think we are neighbours, sorry if me and my boy make too much noise tonight" really makes me shiver. The rooms were alright, they had a bed, a tv and a can with a shower in it that was the right size if u were a 5yr old and didn't care about the mold, broken tyles and no covers on any of the windows....bathroom or not (and did i mention they face the only main street in town). Oh yea, and no garbage or wall outlets in the room either.

So we actually make it to the court house. Wait in a chair for 3hrs. Go in the room, judge asks me to talk to the cop who gave me the ticket. I go and talk with him, he makes me pay the same amount, but i get 1 point taken off. I'm pretty happy with that. But also in the past 3hrs i don't think i've seen so many single 16yr old mothers of 2 fighting with their boyfriends and starting scraps in the courthouse over a stack of hay and a pitch fork.

Man, Owen Sound is looking like a better place after all.......
Oh well, i'm taking the roof off the TQNKA and going for a boot (but not too fast, don't want another ticket)

R2K and Reddick out

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