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while were talking about tickets
posted Wednesday March 19, 2003 @ 10:40 by nightwolf

i should review my last 2 tickets also out of boredom at work...

first one. oct 28/th 2001.
155 in 100, cop wrote it up for 49 over, 4 points. highway 404, midnight, going to halloween party with 4 non-sober:) chicks in my car. cop then gives me the ticket and says 'heres your ticket and whats left of your license' i had my g2 at the time. the ticket was for $359 + like $50 victom fee. hehe im the damn victim!

sencond one. august 2002.
160 in a 100. going to work at 3:30am on a saturday, roads empty. he wrote it up for 60 over, 6 points. wasnt even a ticket for $$, was just a court summons heh.

now to the court dates...
i got a court date for the 2nd ticket first, in november 2002. got it down to 4 points over, 49over. i was happy with that, 6 points was murder. and had to pay $90.

a year and a half after the 1st ticket, which i got Pointts to handle, i got a letter from them saying they just had the court date (feb 2003), and there wasnt enough evidence (cop probably have all his notes) so the crown dropped it.woohoo.

so only have 4 points total right now instead of 10.

chow for now.

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