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Welcome to the Chateau
posted Wednesday April 9, 2003 @ 23:04 by theferg

Ok so for those who don't know, doggy and i have found somewhere to shack up for the time being (or thats what my rents are saying) ;) anyway we've secured an apartment in aurora (104 Glass Drive) and get possession May 1st....We're planning on having a big moving party that weekend coming up (i think its May 3-4)....anyone who wants to help out will be rewarded with beer (or smirnoff whatever you prefer), pizza, and can crash for the night....

i hope having a circle of exclusively guy friends will pay off for once cuz theres 2 beds to be moved and a heavy ass pull out couch....i'm looking at you josh (hint hint) and my two newly buffed up buds r2k and biggy :D

ferg has been in a whirlwind of planning the last couple weeks and theres more to come so apologies are being made now that doggy and i are not the most social creatures lately...i promise theres a means to an end...
with that in mind work tomorrow as always, hope to hear rsvp's from a moving crew soon ;)

ferg out

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