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On the Road Again....
posted Monday April 19, 2004 @ 18:13 by Powell News

So....24 hours from now (7pm) I should be somewhere between Newmarket and Barrie....

I am currently packing, washing (cleaning up), and finishing a paper to hand in in about an hour and a bit. Hopefully I will get to bed around 9pm tonight so I can get up around 4am and leave shortly thereafter. I want to leave before sunrise so I can drive during daylight and hopefully be home for Game 7.

Is anyone planning on watching the game at someone's place Tomorrow? If so, I might be in, might not, depends on what the family is doing.

One more time up and back (for grad) to TBay and I might be done with that drive. I had a bunch of people ask if they could drive home with me, but I had to turn them down as I have a shit-load of stuff to bring down and wanted to get as much as possible down on the first trip to be able to fit everything when I come back up for grad...I have gathered soo much stuff up here its almost a full kitchen/bedroom/office now. I just need the proper furniture for the living room/table and I am set for wherever I want to go.

Anyways...Arriving in Newmarket in 24 Hours...thank you for traveling with 'we take your money', have a nice visit in '9-5 Ville'.

posted by biig [website] on Tuesday April 20, 2004 @ 11:03:

Sounds like fun. Remember to drive safe around the <a href="­%2Fbigass%2FThunderbay%20Accident">Whit­e­ River area</a>... not that you're going to see this before you get home. Might catch the game after I get back from 9-5 ville. Drop me a msg.

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