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grrrr rant
posted Thursday May 1, 2003 @ 10:26 by nightwolf

from now on I think I am going to post the licence plates of all the fidiots that throw their cigarette's out the car windows. not only is it littering, but for cars like the Cura, its a fire hazard. I hate it when i get ash's bouncing off my windsheild, then the guy lights up another one.

Latest fuckwad:
Ford Explorer; ALXV 855
-throws his butt out, hits my car, then proceds to light up another. DIE
once i get my new camera, ill try to have it handy and let the fools see the flash go off behind them.

ferg; i rarely see you on icq or msn, maybe once a month for 2 mins, then your offline again. and i live off henderson in aurora, long road aint it. i can make service calls for $50/h :P

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