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Gone Away
posted Monday May 12, 2003 @ 03:57 by R2K

Well everyone I am officailly on vacation...well sort of. I have taken off to E3 for the week and have left at a very ungodly hour today......i hope to be beack by late saturday barring all terroists and sars attacks.
So why am i going to this,....well then

Month of april Nintendo had a contest, the top 2 stores in canada got to got to E3 for free....well i won. yippeeeeeeee.
flight, hotel and $500.00 u.s. cash!!!
i also get to goto some "behind closed doors" nintendo conference and party. This is probably when nintendo unvails that microsoft is buying them out :)
Now orrigionaly i though yay nintendo party, then i remembered that i hate nintendo, then i find out that there will be like a bunch of middle to old aged people and me. oh boy. then i find out i have to make a speech!!!!! i was like HUH?!?!!?!
I think i will just go one stage, say hi and rip open my shitr hulk style to reveal an X-box shirt underneath then runaway screaming like a little girl b'c i'll be so drunk.
because honestly what are they going to do, stick the princess or toad on me.....ooooo me scared.

see you all when i get back

R2K out

p.s. did i mention how i love to fly
p.p.s. did i mention i will be camping at the temco booth and just watch the DOAX girls all day :)

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