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And on the 7th day.....there was EBball.....
posted Tuesday May 27, 2003 @ 21:23 by R2K

Well it was a gloomy Sunday afternoon, a small haze from a little bit of rain, the slickness of the grass and that god awfull smell that the air gets after it has rained. Yes it was time for the first outing of EBball.

It was a pretty good turn out after all, I was worried that the rain would scare some people away, but not us. We came, we suck and changed the rules accordingly by the inning, but we still had fun.

-Big Ass keeping up his "Mr.Consistancy" name.
-Kevin making me chase a ball down the street
-Marcus changing the rules
-R2K not getting hurt (yay)
-R2K Nailing Big Daddy on third w/ the ball
-BigAss going scubba diving to find the ball in right field
-Barry loosing his shoe while running for the ball and kept going/hopping after it
-and R2K light...well....just being R2K light

I expect more unnatural turn of events this Sunday as Red Barron says that she migth play.

R2K out

p.s. BigAss work on the Ferg and Limes for me
p.p.s. E3 pic's coming soon (mainly of the DOA vollyball girls of course)

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