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Okay, Here we go again...
posted Thursday June 12, 2003 @ 07:36 by bigass

I'm going to try to attack this issue as logically and coherently as possible. There's some things that just bug me, and especially when I have to deal with them before 9:00AM. Specifically, I posted a while ago about people who can't grasp simple driving talents, such as deciding which lane to turn from:

There's 3 ways in which to proceed straight through an intersection from a green light.

1: From the proper lane.
2: From the inproper lane.
3: Stradling both lanes like a circus performer.

I don't want to come off as pretentious, but this is pretty basic stuff people. Let focus on #2 and #3 shall we? Why do people feel the need to use the turn lane to go straight through the intersection? Is the name deceiving? Did the concept of simple geometry get away from you in elementary school? If you intend to go straight while in the turn lane, the oncoming traffic thinks you're turning. And for good reason: you're in the TURN lane.

When roads were designed, it's not like the designers got together with the 'namers' and decided to throw drivers for a loop by naming lanes by opposite functions. It's not complicated, turn if you're in the turn lane and stay in the freaking lane you're in if you want to go straight. This stops you from running my ass off the road when we both proceed through an intersection side by side and you have to cut me off to avoid slamming into the oncoming traffic.

Oh and #3 is what I have to resort to when approaching the intersection at work. It's like some sort of Bermuda triangle of driving skill. Almost everyone at this particular intersection can't grasp the turn lane concept. So I stop across both lanes at a red light to prevent the simians from running me off the road when the light turns green. It's not like they notice, they're too busy repeatedly scratching their asses, then smelling their fingers and laughing.

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