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the Prodical Son is returning....
posted Wednesday June 25, 2003 @ 21:46 by smeetz

Hey everyone in Borkland that knows Partyboy!!

You are cordially invited to attend a night of fun, laughter, goodtimes, memories and all that good stuff. Yes! Randy, you have to attend. When, well, I want to roughly schedule it for the first week of July. Ideally on the wed. However if need be, we can work out an arrangement. Da Gang will reunite for this funfilled evening.

Where, well I was figuring we could all go out for dinner. Maybe at Kanan, or an alternate, I'm easy, as I'm sure just about everyone else is. Oh, maybe we goto Frankie Tomatoes... Very good all you can eat Italian restaurant off of Woodbine I think..

Post some feedback (R.S.V.P)

Partyboy (Jay)

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