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So, there I was.....
posted Sunday April 18, 2004 @ 12:03 by smeetz News

How come women can't hold there goddamn liquor?

So there I was, meeting a girl from online for the first time out in Orlando at Wonderworks (Waste of money that place is.) So yeah, we check that out then go for fast food Italian which was really good. After dinner we were like well let's go drop you're car off then maybe hit up a bar or two. So on our way to dropping her car off, a friend calls her up and invites her out to a bar for another friends birthday. So, we do this and that, and get all the girls into my car and drive to the bar. Get to the bar, which is in the lobby of a really nice and fancy hotel located on International drive in Orlando. Night's going good, the live band is playing 70's, 80's, 90's and recent stuff. Nothing like hereing them butcher Nelly's It's getting Hot in Here tho. So, we keep drinking, 3 shots of Tequila later (plus a few other drinks mixed in, Had me a grasshopper too. Just for you Biggie.) Well, her friend, who's already slurring her speech decides to pretty much pass out on her feet. So yeah, we slowly help her walk to the ladeis bathroom. I got to be in the ladies bathroom hoo rah hoo rah. It's really much nicer then the mens room. Get her in a stall, a few of the ladies there tried getting her to puke, nothing. I go grab the car bring it up front park it, go back inside and litteraly carry her from the john to my car. Get her in the car, put the seat belt on. Blahhh, all over herself and the front seat of my car. SOOO not cool. Clean her off as best we can, open the windows, proceed to drive her home and while onroot, blahh, blahh, again, all over herself and the front seat of the car. Yet again SOOOO not cool at all. Finally get her home, practically takes to of us to carry her inside, trying to get her to her bedroom, waking up her mom in the process. She was cool about it, like yeah just leave her on the floor, she can wake up in her messy clothes. So, she gives me some febreeze to lessen the stench from my front seat of the car. Then I drive home.

Blahh = Puking, all in all a very interesting first date, not to bad considering all I was down at the end of it was a seat cover.

posted by wolf on Sunday April 18, 2004 @ 13:08:

oh no! the seat cover!

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